Bellota 100% Iberian chorizo - Tasty - 80gr

A practical sachet, with an elegant presentation and 80 grams of exquisite Pata Negra sausage, knife-sliced by professional Jamón artisans and with the characteristic flavour of the youngest production area. This fantastic chorizo is made from the highest quality lean pork parts, selected exclusively for the production of this product. The secret of its quality lies in the meat, which is then seasoned to give it its final touch of flavor, with paprika and spice, according to the traditional recipe. Just like the jamón Bellota 100% Iberico, the Pata Negra chorizo is also a delicacy like this chorizo bellota 100% Iberian made in Spain. Just go for it!

May contain traces of milk protein (incl. Lactose) and soy.

Acorn-fed Iberian pork, salt, paprika from La Vera, olive oil, garlic, oregano, sugars, pork protein, stabilizers (E450i, E450ii, E316), preservative (E250), coloring (E120).

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