Solera 18 Year Old

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Solera 18 Year Old
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Born in 1893, Don Venancio was the first Botran Merino brother to be inspired by glorious Guatemala. Botran 18 is a blend for him. His passion, fire and determination – in one bottle.

Country of Origin: Guatemala
Type: Brown
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Age: 18
Tasting Notes - Nose: Elegant and expressive. Notes of wood, cocoa, vanilla and caramelised aromas followed by maple syrup, red berries and spicy perfumes.
Tasting Notes - Body: Robust and Succulent.
Tasting Notes - Palate: Dry and elegant. Notes of caramelised fruit, maple syrup, spices, cocoa and delicate red berries.
Tasting Notes - Finish: Caramelised notes and red berries.
Flavour: Red fruits
How to Enjoy Best: Enjoy neat or on the rocks for a journey into Guatemalan flavour.

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Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas - T4
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