Carta Negra

Bacardi Carta Negra is a medium-bodied black rum, expertly blended by the Maestros de Ron Bacardi for up to 3 years using rum developed in heavily charred oak barrels and then shaped through a secret blend of charcoals.

País de origen: Cuba         
Tipo: Marrón
Volumen de alcohol: 0.4
Edad: 3
Notas de Cata - Nariz: Sweet, tropical fruit, buttery caramel and vanilla notes give way to a smoky liquorice and molasses finish.
Sabor: Dulce
Cómo Disfrutarlo: Serve neat or enjoy with ginger beer or ginger ale and fresh lime over lots of ice.
Punto de recogida
Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas - T1
Terminal 1, planta 1, Salidas (Puertas de embarque C)
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